Terms & Conditions (“Terms”)

Thank you for choosing The Flooring Place to install the flooring products into your home.  We pride ourselves in providing a value service and a quality of installation that will leave you satisfied for years to come.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the contents of this document.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with one of our team prior to the arranged installation date.

Terms and Conditions

Uplifting and Disposal: You can complete the uplifting and disposal of existing flooring. Please ensure that all of the old flooring staples and nails are removed, (existing smooth edge may be left in place where new carpet is to be fitted). If you are unable to uplift your existing flooring, please advise us at the time of quote acceptance so we can arrange for this to be done.  This will incur an additional labour charge.

Floor Preparation: Floor preparation can only be assessed based on what is seen on the floor. Once the existing flooring has been uplifted, we may find additional work is required before any new flooring can be installed. The cost of any such work will be additional to the agreed price and will be discussed with you prior to commencement of any further work.

Asbestos: We can only assess building or flooring materials that are able to be viewed. If we suspect a product may contain Asbestos, we will advise you immediately.  We are unable to uplift and dispose of any item containing Asbestos, if you want to have it removed, you will need to contact a Certified Asbestos Removal Agent. A clearance certificate will need to be obtained before we are able to install any products. In the event we uplift non-asbestos flooring, and we find more products hidden beneath that we suspect contain asbestos, we must stop work, and contact WorkSafe New Zealand. No further work will be undertaken until the Clearance Certificate is obtained. You can find the names of licensed asbestos removalists on WorkSafe New Zealand’s website.

Appliances : Bathroom : Laundry fittings

If your new flooring is to be installed underneath any appliance that is wired or plumbed in, please arrange to have them removed prior to our installer’s arrival, and re installed post installation.

After your new flooring has been installed, we recommend using a mat or something similar when moving heavy appliances on new vinyl. Do not roll, push or drag appliances across the floor. The vinyl adhesive can take approximately 48 hours to cure and harden therefore the vinyl is more vulnerable to damage during this period.

Doors: The client is responsible for the removal, trimming and re-hanging of any doors. New carpet and underlay options available today are higher on the floor than previous carpets, so it is not unusual for the doors to require trimming

Furniture: Please arrange for all furniture to be removed prior to the arrival of the installers. Your quote will state if a furniture move has been allowed for. Any additional time spent shifting furniture or delay to our installers while waiting, will attract a charge of $80.00 per person, per hour, and may result in your installation not being completed on time.

Unless otherwise stated we will only move larger items of furniture, all delicate, small and personal belongings are to be packed away by the owners.

We do not move, disconnect or reconnect IT equipment or entertainment systems, including large screen televisions.

All care will be taken whilst moving furniture however no responsibility will be taken if an item is damaged.

Paintwork: During the installation process our equipment will come into contact with paintwork on skirting’s, architraves etc. All reasonable care is taken to ensure there is no damage to such paintwork. In most cases damage that occurs to the paintwork, is caused either by poor preparation of the painted surface or insufficient time for the paint to cure, JT Flooring will not be liable for any damage to paintwork.

Product Variance: Product colour and or texture may vary from dye lot to dye lot. Due to this, the product samples taken from store can be slightly different to the product delivered or installed.

Shading/Tracking/Foot printing: All cut pile and some texture carpets show a variance in colour to some degree especially longer pile and softer carpets. The effect you will notice as a rise and fall appearance, different shades of colour, when moving a hand/foot/item over the carpet. This is a characteristic of the carpet design and is not a fault.

Shading/Watermarking: Is a term used for an area of carpet that has a distinct noticeable area, that appears as a deeper or lighter version of the original colour (as if the carpet had been wet, hence the term Watermarking) which appears over a period of time. This phenomenon is generally referred to as Shading or Watermarking. The causes of this are not understood and cannot be accurately predicted or prevented. Shading or watermarking is not a fault and does not affect the durability of the carpet and is not caused by the manufacturing or installation process.

Matting: Matting occurs in all carpets to some extent and is not considered a manufacturing defect. Matting is a wear-induced characteristic, predominately in man-made fibres and that is seen as the merging together of carpet tufts to the stage where they may become less defined.

Man-made fibres require cleaning approximately every 2 years, please refer to manufacturer’s instructions for all aspects of cleaning all carpets. These can be found on their website.

Pile Crush : Core Marks: Industry definition is ‘a flattening of the carpet pile caused by the weight of the role in storage. This is not a fault and will lift in time’

Residential and Commercial carpets will also crush where heavy items ie bookcases, furniture etc. sits for a period of time. This type of crush mark is expected and not a fault of the carpet

Garage Carpet Will show flattening under the weight of the vehicle where the tires continually sit and also where the tires continually travel into the garage. This is caused by to the weight of the car and is not a fault and does not affect the performance of the carpet.

Textured / Patterned Carpets: It is common to find that the texture lines in both directions may be slightly irregular. These irregularities are not a manufacturing flaw, but appear naturally in the production of these products.

Carpet Seams: In order to properly install your new flooring cutting and seaming is required. Today’s heat- bond seams are very strong. The thickness of this tape may cause seams to peak by 2-3mm, but this will flatten over time as the seam beds in to the underlay. This seamed area will always be slightly higher than the rest of the carpet, and may cause shading. Our installers take pride in making these seams as inconspicuous as possible, but as with all products no seam is invisible.

Vinyl: Rubber, Plastic Migration: Is a condition that can cause vinyl to discolour. It is caused by rubber/plastic or latex products, e.g. rubber or latex-soled slippers, shoes and rubber-backed mats or plastic furniture feet, coming into constant contact with the vinyl. It is not a manufacturing fault or an installation fault and therefore is not covered by our warranties.

We strongly recommend the use of protective felt pads on all furniture and bathmats made of toweling only.

Power: Please ensure our Installers have easy and safe access to power on site, on the scheduled date of installation. Unknown disruptions which require the use of a generator, to supply power, will incur an extra charge to the customer.

Contaminated Site: If your site has been certified Contaminated for any hazardous substance, JT Flooring will require a clearance certificate prior to entering your site.  This is for the Health and Safety of our workers and is a requirement by law.


  1. Should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions set out in this document.
  2. A copy of the warranty will be sent to you and commences once your account is paid in full (Please retain the invoice copy for any future claims)
  3. This warranty is personal to the customer, who purchased the goods and is not
  4. The supplier described on your invoice for flooring installation service (the installer) warrants the integrity of their workmanship and will remedy any defects to workmanship or materials used in the
  5. All goods and services supplied by the installer are covered by the warranties contained in the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (the Act) and the Installer will comply with all his/her obligations under the This warranty does not intend to limit or negate the warranties contained in the Act.  However, the installer’s obligations are considered by reference to this document.
  6. This warranty is limited to the reasonable lifetime of the floor covering product. By lifetime we mean the reasonable useful lifetime of the product according to its intended use as specified by the
  7. This warranty is void if the product has been mistreated, altered, used for a purpose other than its ordinary domestic use, flooded, subject to water or fire damage, and is on the basis that the customer maintains and cares for the floor covering in accordance with all applicable guidelines published by the manufacture from time to
  8. The installer’s liability to you under this warranty is limited to a sum not greater than the cost of remedying any defects in the workmanship or materials used in the installation of the floor
  9. You authorise the installer to retain personal information detailed in this form and to release such information to the installer’s employees, supplier, installers, contractors and/or third parties for the purpose of enforcing this
  10. You are entitled to have access to and to request correction of person information concerning yourself which has been collected by us under the Privacy Act.

Warranty Exclusions

  1. Applies to all flooring products unless specifically stated in your quotation.
  2. Roller chair use: Indentation marks caused by furniture, appliances, sports equipment etc. We strongly recommend the use of a good quality chair mat protector
  3. Scratching, tearing: We strongly recommend the use of felt pads be placed on the feet of furniture to reduce this risk
  4. Vinyl contact with Rubber, plastic, latex products (Feet of furniture and backs of mats etc) – refer to Terms and Conditions.

Important Notice – Covid or other pandemic interruptions: Product ordered from a supplier is based on estimated delivery times only. We do our best to forward plan for installation dates however due to covid interruptions affecting shipment dates your installation dates may have to be moved, of which you will be advised ahead of time.  Unfortunately, this is out of our control, and we ask for your understanding during this difficult time.

Installation postponement Fee: We note that your project may involve other trades people. In our experience most trades are optimistic with their expected completion date, which means that often delays will occur. For The Flooring Place to deliver the best possible service to our clients, we respectfully ask that you ensure all other trades people will be finished prior to the date of our booking. It is also important to ensure that areas involved are clear, clean, and swept.

The Flooring Place reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee if access to site/specified works is not available and has not been communicated within 24 hours of both parties agreed installation date.

Acknowledgement of terms and Conditions: Once a deposit has been received the customer is acknowledging they accept the terms and conditions set out in this document.

Deposits: Final Payment: Deposits are non-refundable once materials have been ordered. Unless previously arranged the balance of the quote is required once the installation has been completed.

Any balance remaining unpaid after 10 days of job completion will be considered overdue and will incur a 5% penalty charge per week. If the account is not paid within 30 days, your account may be forwarded to a collection Agency. The customer is liable for all costs.

Ownership: All goods remain the property of The Flooring Place until your account is paid in full.

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